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Partial Contents:

Feng Shui
Anniversary Gifts
Home Made Gifts
Flower Symbolism
Good Luck Symbols
Zodiacs - Asian & Western
Tips to Take Stress Out of Shopping
Adding a touch of “Special” to any gift

Plus a “Second Book” Inside!  
Greetings and Well Wishes
for Every Occasion!

   Retail $4.99

Prices include shipping. Minimum order is 30.  1000 or less will be shipped within 6 working days normally.  If you want them faster, say so.  We’ll do what we can and let you know ASAP.  Your first order must be paid up front.  You can order with a credit card below.

30-99        $2.15 per book
100-499    $1.90  per book
500+          $1.80 per book

If you want a large number and have in house printing or a printer you work with we can lease the file to you and you can print as needed and cut your costs.  If you are interested, send an email to info@glbworld.com and let me know you want to print.  You’ll have a quote in 24 hours.

Does your organization do fund raising?
Check this out.  No out of pocket for you!

Retail  $3.99

Great for counter sales in floral and gift shops, boutiques, dept stores, drug stores. Perfect for fund raising by your group.

Ideas for using this Cheat Sheet (besides store sales)

1. Free to customer/lead at your office/store
   > for coming in or joining
   > with specific or minimum purchase
   > for trying a service/product (trial)
   > for referring a friend
   > for calling
   > for signing up on your website
      (using a print copy gets you their address as well as email for future contact)
   >  or give to current customers as an appreciation gift.
2.  Give away at free related presentation to school, club, library or C of C, reading club, etc.
3. Textbook or additional reading for a study or adult ed  class.
4. Donate to local school class, church, public TV auction, or other organization for a tax write off and some great PR.
5.  Door to door or front of store fund raising for your club, private school or church.

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This book can help you increase sales and increase traffic.  Great for fund raising too.

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