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On this page you can
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Access references
Access a list of relevant official “Months”

This book explains in lay terms what is happening inside your body with chronic inflammation.  Gives known diseases it is tied to.  Explains  the major causes.  Tells how to fight chronic inflammation.  CI strongly influences how we feel and look, how long we live and the quality of our life.  Using the info in this book can add life to your years and years to your life.

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5x8 standard  
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CUSTOMIZE.  The  back cover is blank and you can leave that or you can make it your own.   You might add:
   Your business info
   A QR code if you have a mobile website.
Cost to customize:  $0.00  Included in price with a minimum order of 300.

Custom booklets will be 8.5 x 5.5 in size and will be saddle stitch (stapled)

After placing your order, email your company info that you want printed on the booklet. Attach any logo or other image to include.  If we have questions we will contact you and we will send an image of the page with your info for you to OK before we print. Send to:

Click here to browse through a pdf copy.

This is great  for clients and patients  if you are a physical therapist, chiropractor, dentist, home health provider, health coach;  or to sell if you have a supplement store, health food store or restaurant or do home party sales with any health related products.   It is also a great tool for your employee wellness plan.  And you can customize it with your information for free. (See below)  

Ideas for using this SQ book

1. Free to customer/lead at your office/store
   > for coming in
   > with specific or minimum purchase
   > for trying a service/product (trial)
   > for referring a friend
   > for calling
   > for joining
   > for signing up on your website
      (using a print copy gets you their address as well as email for future contact)
   >  or just give to current patients/clients as a customer appreciation gift.
2.  Give away at health fair with other company info.
3.  Available with other products for back of room sales after presentation
4.  Give away at free presentation to school, club, library or C of C, reading club, etc.
5.  Use as textbook or additional reading for a health class.
6.  Donate to local school class, church, public TV auction, or other organization for a tax write off and some great PR.
7.  Door to door or front of store fund raising for your club or church.
8.  Make it part of employee wellness or orientation program.

Scroll down for ways to use this book in your marketing and a free poster.

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Click here for a list of official days, weeks and months relevant to chronic inflammation

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Use it to say “Thanks” to customers and patients or to encourage employees to live healthy.

Standard shipping is free and will take about 10 days for you to receive your order if not customized.  If you customize the back add 3 days to time. Faster costs more - email for info.

These prices for 5x8 perfect binding

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